Universe 1

Other Names

Evil kakarrot




When Goku was a baby and landed on earth , he was raised by Grandpa Gohan until he died Goku was shocked he turned super saiyan but Goku's super saiyan was not gold it was red and so was his eyes. he changed his uniform colours to red and black .Goku flew away to the deserts to train .Years past, Goku was an adult and able to go super saiyan 2 and super saiyan 3. People from all over the world encountered Goku in the desert, But Goku killed them. Goku encountered kami and killed him then went to kami's lookout. He killed Mr.Popo and Korin , then took a throne and placed in the middle of kami's lookout . That's when Lord Goku was born. then Goku made every living thing on planet earth his slave.


Great ape

super saiyan

ascendant super saiyan

super saiyan 2

ascendant super saiyan 2

super saiyan 3

ascendant super saiyan 3

golden great ape

ascendant great ape



Dark Kamehameha


evil spirit bomb

instant transmission

tail regeneration

evil dragon fist


head shot(beerus)

kiai (beerus)

pressure points

fire breath

destructo disk

super strength

super speed


final flash

big bang attack

death beam

crazy finger beam

absorb energy


super ghost attack

special beam canon

human extinction attack(super buu)

burning attack (future trunks)

tri beam

stone spit

magic materialization ( Dabura )

shining sword attack( future trunks )

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